About the Project

Planning for improved stormwater management is underway for the 56th & Morton area, which experiences frequent flooding and property damage during regular rain events.



Properties in the 56th & Morton area are at risk of experiencing a flood, even during small rain events.

A 2011 stormwater drainage study verified that the existing drainage channel in the project area is too small to accommodate the amount of stormwater that flows through this area.

Removing only the existing trees and debris in the channel would simply be a marginal improvement and not provide significant benefit to reduce flood risks.

The banks of most of this drainage channel are too steep for the city to safely and properly maintain.

Some property owners and tenants have also placed obstructions within the easement, which makes access unavailable, impractical, or unsafe.

The inadequate capacity of this drainage channel has been a known issue since before 2011, but the lack of available funding has prevented improvements from being made.

This project was originally included in the city’s 2012 stormwater bond, but was not completed due to federal funds being unavailable.

Upon receiving a federal grant for this project, the project was included in the city’s 2016 stormwater bond, with contingency funds earmarked in the event the bond failed, which it did not.


Past Flooding Events